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Get rid of dandruff permanently – avail dandruff treatment in Mumbai

Loose anagen syndrome treatment: All you wanted to know

Loose anagen syndrome is a condition that affects some people but the truth is that it is purely of cosmetic significance. The good news is also that it usually goes away on its own as the affected child gains puberty and adolescence. An adult who wants to know about loose anagen syndrome treatment should be told that it will usually go away as one’s age increases. Continue reading

Things to consider before choosing a hair doctor in Mumbai

Many people find choosing a doctor to be quite a daunting task. It is indeed a difficult job to choose a doctor for yourself especially when you need someone to treat your hair. After all, a person’s hair and hairstyle are the most prized possessions. A doctor needs to be highly skilled and fairly experienced to carry out procedures on a person’s hair. Continue reading

Mesotherapy: -An effective treatment for Hair Loss

The condition of our skin and hair are the first markers of our inner health. Sadly, super fast lifestyles today, coupled with increase in pollution levels has made it extremely difficult for everyone to maintain the health of their hair and skin. Reduced blood circulation to the scalp, lack of nutrition and side effects of some treatments may also cause hair loss. Continue reading

Know Some Of The Best Remedies For Reducing Hair Thinning Problem

Are you concerned about those loose strands of hair that covers your pillow covers, comb and bathroom every time you wash your hair? By the time a woman crosses the age of 20, they start complaining about this issue. There are solutions! Here are some of the best remedies that are used for reducing hair thinning and writing off the issue completely: Continue reading

How To Make Your Hair Thicker With Latest Medical Techniques?

Skinny body form is quite in, but when it comes to hair, it is not acceptable. We always crave for long and thick hair because thin hair lessens the volume and makes the hairline appear broader. Also, our hair needs constant care and when we get the hair we never wanted, we always blame it on hereditary issues, hormones, weather and even time. Continue reading

Everything You Need To Know About PRP Therapy For Better Hair

There are many techniques that are used for hair restoration that suits different kind of people as people have different textures of hair. The technology that is used for the growth of hair is ever evolving and there are different treatments that need blood samples, although it requires no complex surgical procedures and you can grow your healthy hair naturally. Continue reading