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Treatment for Hair Regrowth

Treatment for Hair Regrowth

Hair fall and balding can have a devastating effect on your self-esteem and self-confidence. Men and women both suffer from the unpleasant effects of premature hair fall. Treatment for hair regrowth is promised by every shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil in the market but the best treatment for hair regrowth should be sought from a hair specialist or cosmetic surgeon. Treatment for hair regrowth involves several aspects such as balancing hormone levels in the body, enlarging the hair follicles to promote thickening and lastly, growth of new hair from dormant hair follicles. Continue reading

Alopecia Treatment in Mumbai, India

Premature hair loss can be a traumatising experience for men and women both. Alopecia is the collective term for hair loss and can be of many types:

  1. Traction alopecia – This is caused by continuous strain on the hair follicles due to tight hairstyles and pulled back hair.
  2. Alopecia areata – This is the sudden falling out of hair from the scalp in patches which go completely bald. It is often due to autoimmune conditions and may reverse eventually.
  3. Androgenetic alopecia – This is the most common type of hair loss in both men and women and is caused by an imbalance in androgen hormones in the body. It leads to typical hair loss from the hairline and back of the head in men, and diffuse thinning of the scalp and crown in women.

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Best Hair Specialists in Mumbai

Our skin and hair play a major part of our overall appearance. We tend to take both for granted until we start to notice the fine lines on our skin and gradual hair loss makes our hair thin and scalp visible. This is the stage at which most men and women start using various shampoos, creams and oils which claim to reverse hair loss and promote hair growth. However, premature hair fall and other hair problems are best addressed by a hair specialist doctor. A hair specialist doctor or a trichologist specializes in problems relating to the hair and scalp. Continue reading

What Are the Benefits of Baldness Treatment?

Some forms of hair loss are temporary (such as hair loss due to chemotherapy) while others are part of the aging process. Some types of hair loss may be caused by a disease, hormonal changes, or a genetic condition. Topical solutions and special shampoos that can stimulate hair growth are often recommended to treat baldness, but most of them work only for as long as you use them. Hence, hair fall may occur once more when you stop using them. Continue reading