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Dr. Debraj Shome

  •  I belong to a family where extreme hair loss runs in the genes. Both my father and my mother unfortunately do not have great quality of hair and hence even I was predisposed to the problem of hair fall. Though I took best possible care of my hair, as I grew older I could see I was losing hair very rapidly. After reading rave reviews about various hair products online, I invested so much money in these products only to get nothing at the end. By the time I was 25, I starting to look bald from my forehead. That when I decided to take this issue even more seriously and I did my research about possible treatment options. I read reviews about various cosmetic surgery procedures and about various surgeons as well. I came to know about Dr. Debraj Shome through the web. I read about him and was astounded at his qualifications and his experience. He is one of the few super specialists in India and is a facial plastic, cosmetic and oculoplastic surgeon. I read about his invention which is known as the qr678 growth factor. Though initially I did not believe that it would work, the rave reviews about this treatment as well as Dr. Debraj Shome compelled me to go ahead with it. I went to his clinic in Mumbai and got to know that this procedure is performed by only him in India. I got convinced and kept my scepticism aside. Dr. Debraj Shome was very humble and told me all about this procedure and how it could be the solution to my problem. I went ahead with the treatment. And here I am today, feeling grateful to Dr. Debraj Shome for being the best surgeon I have ever come across. I feel that this is the best I have looked in my life, all thanks to the best cosmetic, facial plastic and oculoplastic surgeon in India and his team at QR678.
  • My name is Neeta Prasad and I am a home maker. Few years back all of a sudden I started noticing excessive hair growth on my body. Initially, I just thought of it as nothing serious and continued with regular beauty rituals which included waxing. But progressively I started noticing strange things. My body hair became denser and hair growth started on my face as well. This is when I decided to visit a cosmetic surgeon. One of my friends insisted that I visit Dr. Debraj Shome as he is based and Mumbai and my friend had read very positive reviews from his patients. She told that he is one of the top few facial plastic surgeons in India and currently practices in Mumbai. Once I visited Dr. Debraj Shome at his clinic in Mumbai, I could understand my problem better. He gave me the best advice regarding my lifestyle, diet, medication etc. for better management of my problem which was PCOD. Few days into my consultation I realized why Dr. Debraj Shome is one of the best cosmetic & facial plastic surgeons in India. I felt better and more comfortable with all his suggestions. As I read reviews about Dr. Debraj Shome I wondered how a single doctor can be so multi- faceted. The truth is that Dr. Debraj has many feathers in his hat. He is not only a facial plastic surgeon, he is also a top cosmetic surgeon also. Apart from facial plastic surgery, Dr. Debraj is also an innovator and has revolutionized hair treatment by inventing the QR678 growth factor.