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  •  Hello everyone, my name is Rakshita Srivar Prasad and I am 27 years old. I am a software engineer and mother to a two year old. Here I am writing this review to share my story of despair as well as hope in which the two protagonists are me and the best cosmetic dermatologist of India, Dr.Rinky Kapoor. My joy knew no bounds when I found out I was pregnant. Though I was mentally ready for all the physical changes that I read or heard about, there was one thing that I was not prepared for and that was extreme hair fall. Back then I did not know the exact reason and all throughout my pregnancy I was shedding hair like there was no tomorrow. This caused me great distress. After the birth of my daughter, the duties of a new mother coupled with the hormonal roller coaster of post- natal period meant that my hair fall only became worse. I was getting depressed and this reflected in my behaviour towards my family and my new born as well. I decided to take medical help and that is when I came across the website On reading more about this venture, I ended up reading about Dr.Rinky Kapoor who is one of the best skin specialist and cosmetic dermatologist in India. Her clinics are in Mumbai and she along with another famous super specialist has developed a growth factor known as QR678. I took her consultation and she made me completely comfortable in the first meeting only. She did a review of my health and past medical records and immediately put me on medication that slowed down my hair fall. Since I was also nursing my baby, she ensured that the medicine were baby safe. She is the best skin specialist and cosmetic dermatologist in India. She understands the needs of the patients and gives the best and customized solution to their skin and hair problems. She also performs cosmetic surgeries for various skin problems. I was really elated to have Dr.Rinky Kapoor as my doctor and I would recommend Dr.Rinky Kapoor to everyone who is facing a problem with hair or skin. I got my confidence back and my hair is in its best shape now.
  • Qr678 sounds like a term out of a sci-fi movie. QR678 is truly a scientific miracle but it has nothing to do with the alien world. It is one of the most revolutionary techniques for hair growth that has been invented by Dr.Rinky Kapoor along with Dr. Debraj Shome who are two of the top skin specialists and cosmetic dermatologists in India. Currently, they have their clinics in Mumbai. I am talking about QR678 in this review because of how this technique just changed my life for the better. I belong to a family where baldness runs in the genes. My father and grandfather lost their hair after a certain age. Somehow, in my mind even I knew that this will happen to me as well. But I never knew that this would happen at the age of 26. I started to look like a 40 year old. Little did I know about the havoc this condition would wreak on me. It affected my life in ways I could not even imagine. But thankfully, I chose to consult a cosmetic dermatologist and met Dr.Rinky Kapoor who has her clinic in Mumbai, India. She told me all about this technique and said that it was the best option for me as I was progressing towards an advanced stage of baldness. QR678 is a regrowth factor which means that it causes the hair to regrow. Yes you read it right. It is a miraculous therapy and the best treatment for hair loss. This therapy is only available the clinics of Dr.Rinky Kapoor and even the top hospitals across India do not have this treatment. Various reviews about this therapy only talk about its marvellous after effects. However, no review will ever tell you the amount of hard work that has been put in the top cosmetic dermatologists Dr.Rinky Kapoor and Dr. Debraj Shome for inventing this technique. They both perform hair transplant surgery as well on patients but QR678 is a non- surgical method of performing hair growth. Surgery is considered to be the last option for them which means they will not out you through unnecessary surgery. Without surgery also, your hair can definitely grow back with the help of QR678. So, if you do not want the pain of surgery yet you want glorious hair, I think this review must be of great help to you. If you choose not to undergo surgery and take QR678 spread the word and your experience via a positive review which will help many others like us who have lost hope and their hair. No skin specialist or cosmetic dermatologists performs this procedure except Dr.Rinky Kapoor. So Mumbai is the place to go if you want to get hair treatment of any kind and even if you are not a resident of Mumbai you can always visit the website. All of Dr. Rinky’s clinics are in Mumbai only.